User Guide – Applicants for Horses

User Guide – Applicants for Horses

If you are looking for a horse to rehome, loan or share:

  1. To browse available horses click here.  If you are interested in applying for a horse, whether for rehoming, loaning or sharing, you will need to register with Horses4Homes as a user (see top of page).  You will then be able to login at: , to allow you to liaise with the owner and find out more information about the horse via the messaging system.  All messages are monitored by the Horses4Homes team.


  1. If you find a horse to rehome, loan or share that you are interested in applying for, you will need to complete an application form, by clicking on the red button ‘Apply for this horse’. The application gives you the chance to showcase your ability and the type of home you can offer the horse. Please note you must provide two references. All applications are screened by the charity team and further question asked if needed.  There is a £10 application fee to apply for a horse; for more about fees click here.  This application can also be amended and used to apply for other horses in the future.
  1. The owner will contact you if they believe your application is a good match for their horse, inviting you to meet the horse and find out more. If all goes well, it is advisable to have more than one visit and meeting between owner, applicant and horse to ensure it is the perfect match. You may wish to take an experienced friend or instructor with you to one of the visits to help you make your decision. If your profile is not deemed to be suitable for the horse you should be sent a reply by the owner with feedback about why your application has been unsuccessful.

It is recommended that the applicant has a veterinary pre-purchase inspection undertaken. If the loan or share is for a child a parent or guardian should be present and mindful of safeguarding advice, for further information see

  1. Once you and the owner are ready to proceed, you will need to make payment of any fees or donations requested to be paid to the charity (see below), before Horses4Homes can draw up the bespoke rehoming, loaning or sharing agreement to be signed by the owner and the applicant. This must be completed and a copy returned to Horses4Homes before the horse is moved to their new home or the sharing arrangement started. Now you’re ready to go and experience the joys and rewards of rehoming, loaning or sharing a horse!