Welcome to Horses 4 Homes!

Horses4Homes  aims to safely and efficiently rehome, loan or share horses via its robust and innovative state of the art online listing and application process.Horses4Homes has helped many horses and owners across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales since it was founded in 2011.

No system is entirely fail-safe but with owners being honest about the horse’s health, behaviour and temperament and those wishing to take on horses being honest about their capabilities as a rider and keeper the risk of incompatibility is much reduced.

What We Do

Horses4Homes invites any horse owner wishing to find a responsible new owner, loanee or sharer for their much loved horse to use the Horses4Homes system. Rather than listing horses “free to a good home” which is fraught with risks of unscrupulous, dishonest people and timewasters approaching you to take on your horse and invariably costs you money – use Horses4Homes.

Horses4homes requires a small donation of just £20 to list your horse, screens applicants and will inspect new homes.

Horses4Homes is the only online system available that attempts to match horses with suitable new owners/loanees or sharers. The system has been many months in the making and has been developed by an equine welfare professional in consultation with leading equine charities. In 2015 we rehomed, loaned and shared 241 horses.

The details required to list a horse and apply for a horse are extensive but necessary to enable people to make informed decisions before they make a commitment to rehome, loan or share a horse. Every horse listed on the site is first screened before it is published to help ensure the information provided is as detailed and transparent as possible enabling potential applicants to make informed decisions as to their potential suitability.

Why People Choose Us?

We provide a safe environment to prevent unsuitable or dishonest people to acquire horses. Protecting their future welfare. With sanctuaries and rehoming centres full to capacity, there is really very little hope for so many horses but with Horses4Homes we give more and more horses safe loving homes.

The Horses4Homes team spend many hours advising, counselling and supporting horse owners. Advice is always available to you, we want to make sure you are confident in the choices you make for your horse.

Regular blog and social media posts to keep you up to date with all the latest advise.

There are many horses looking for a new home or loan and thanks to our site, people choose to list their beloved horse here. Giving you a much higher chance of finding the right partner for you.

Our horse owners love their horses dearly but for circumstances outside of their control they are unable to keep them.  Euthanasia must be a last resort. By providing our rehoming, loaning and sharing service we are giving these horses a decent, secure chance of finding a caring and ideally a “forever home”.


Tarma Bayliss
Tarma set up Horses4Homes in 2011 to support the overwhelmed rescue centres effort to rehome horses.

‘Having the ability to rehome horses safely online allows those who can no longer take care of them to know they are going to a safe and in a trusted forever home that will provide the best care’

Kayley Hood
Kaley has been involved with Horses4Homes since 2020 she is a happy hacker who owns several gypsy cobs.
Kaley’s main passion is to see horses thriving in a new environment and giving their owners not only a great reason to get up in the morning but an outdoor life, exercise and fun.
Ceryis Robert
Applications Administration.
Ceryis is currently doing her Equine Groom Level 2 qualification, she has a fantastic knowledge of horses and their needs having trained several of her own horses. She will take the time to make sure the process with H4H runs smoothly and that all our horses find great homes!