Horses4Homes Features in New ITV1 Programme, Auf Wiedersehen My Pet – Airing This Tuesday, 18th March 2pm

Horses4Homes Features in New ITV1 Programme, Auf Wiedersehen My Pet – Airing This Tuesday, 18th March 2pm

itv logo hr_0Horses4Homes is to feature in the new television series Auf Wiedersehen My Pet airing this week on ITV1.  The programme is a 20 part series making its ITV1 debut on March 17 at 2pm, it will see pet owners who, for genuine personal reasons, have to make the tough decision to give up their much-loved animals. They will be matched with a trio of potential new owners, all desperate to offer the pet a loving new home.The current owners may be moving abroad, or perhaps for personal reasons can no longer give their animal the attention it needs. Each programme will focus on one owner and their pet, as they are given the opportunity to meet potential new owners, get to know their families and see around their homes. With invaluable help and advice throughout from animal experts, this series will follow the tears of goodbye, and the joy of a new beginnings.
Horses4Homes was asked by Shine TV to be involved in the programme and on Tuesday 18th March at 2pm it follows the rehome of a lovely mare called Skye and revisit at the end of the week on Friday to see how all the animals have settled into their new homes.
On Thursday 27th March at 2pm the programme follows the rehome of a horse called Rocky based in Derbyshire that was rehomed through the charity.
Rehoming & Development Manager, Rebecca Evans, said, “I would like to personally thank the owners of Skye and Rocky and their respective applicants for being involved in the programme, without them it would not have happened. It was an incredible experience to be the equine expert for the programme and we hope that its coverage will not only help to raise awareness of the charity’s work but also help the general public to better understand some of the awful circumstances forcing owners to rehome their pets and the safeguards that should be undertaken when rehoming to best ensure the most suitable home is found.”




  1. Susan Hambridge

    It was a great programme and how brave was Kim! I was in tears when she had made her decision and I think all the advise and support she got really helped her accept this very hard adjustment in her life. She knew her horse would get the best in the choice she made and that is really what made it a bit easier to accept. Any horse owner knows that it is always the welfare of their animal that comes first and she was unselfish enough to allow someone else to take over the responsibility to further the horses education and thus making a happier and more content animal. Hats off to Kim!!

  2. Elizabeth Givens

    Just to say, I have watched ‘Auf Wiedersehn My Pet ‘ with interest, and thought it showed Horses 4 Homes in a great light.
    Skyes story was very well done , and highlights how important it is to take the time and care, in an informed way, to find horses the right home. I have had personal experience of what a super charity H 4 H is, as you helped me re-home my Harry, which just to let you know, is working out very well.
    What a good and unique charity it truly is, and I would like to soundly congratulate you on your invaluable work!
    Liz Givens

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