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If a horse could go shopping, what would they buy?

I have asked the question ‘What do horses need?’ many times in many different situations in many different countries. The answers are never the same and always provide new insights into the complicated nature of the relationship between horses and humans. At first, people answer with the obvious response – food and water – but […]

Exploring welfare: More than just a shiny coat

Imagine that you run a rescue centre and one day, you found a little creature in a box that had been dumped by your gates (see picture). There is a note that says “We can no longer care for this creature, there is only one person in the world who can tell you how to […]

Step by Step

Can you remember learning something new? Perhaps learning how to ride a horse, drive a car, touch type or scuba dive… Take a minute to reflect on a skill you have learnt. Were you instantly confident? If not, how did you gain confidence as you improved your skill? How long did it take you? Did […]

Horses in Social Media

With the explosive increase in people using social media, such as Facebook, I find myself continually being brought into discussions about various horse training methods or ‘funny’ clips. Usually these are accompanied by a message that says “Suz, isn’t this amazing?”, “Isn’t this funny?” or sometimes “Isn’t this terribly cruel?”. However, often the accompanying message […]

Is it Bad if my Horse…?

By Suzanne Rogers, Certified Equine Behaviour Consultant (IAABC) In my work as an equine behaviourist I am often asked if it is ‘bad’ when a horse does certain behaviours such as licking and chewing, yawning or pawing the ground. Owners know that such behaviours can be a sign of stress, anxiety, frustration or fear and […]

Exploring Separation Anxiety

As an equine behaviourist one of the common reasons people contact me for help is separation anxiety – their horse isn’t coping when taken away from other horses or when left alone. Sometimes horses form such a strong bond or attachment to another equine that even if other horses are present they can’t cope being […]

Equine behaviour: tackling the cause not the symptom.

There are many roads to Rome … but some will get you lost.   When people encounter problems with their horses they tend to go through a range of responses – some immediately call the vet as they suspect, or want to rule out, pain as a reason for the behaviour. Others might change the […]