Care to Share

Care to Share

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Horses4Homes has partnered up with the British Equestrian Federation, to  run the Care to Share project.  Care to Share aims to link up horse owners and  potential sharers online and help them start a share agreement.  So if you are a  horse owner looking for a share or a keen horseperson who would like to enjoy  the experience of horse ownership then you have come to the right place!
 Why share?
Sharing can be the perfect solution to lessen the time and money pressures  that many horse owners face, and can mean horses receiving more attention  and exercise.  Ultimately this means a more secure future for horses as the  need to rehome is reduced.
Why use Horses4Homes?
Horses4Homes is a specialist rehoming charity which helps set up successful sharing arrangements, with advice and guidance along the way.  We help make sure that all relevant questions are covered and agreements reached before the share arrangement starts, to help a stress-free situation for both parties. To read about our users’ experiences of meeting their match through Horses4Homes click on our testimonials page above.
How does it work?
Potential sharers are matched online: owners submit details of their horse via a listing page; individuals looking for a share can either submit their profile to apply for a horse already listed or place a ‘wanted’ advert on the Horses4Homes pages.  This way people and horses can find each other by browsing or searching on the site.
Does it cost anything?
Horses4Homes is a charity that relies on the generous support of its users and horse lovers alike to be able to operate.  Therefore, there are fees applicable for new sharers who successfully find and share a horse, as follows:

  • It is free to list a horse.
  • It is free to place an advert on the wanted page of the website.
  • £10 to be paid to view a share horse.
  • Applicants may be requested to make an additional donation set by the horse’s owner and detailed on the horse’s profile page.
  • £25 to be paid by owners when a share arrangement is successfully commenced.

Horses4Homes is also very grateful for any additional donations to allow us to help more horses and people.
What do I do next?
Click here to register your horse or yourself and find out more about the process: