What are the rehoming prospects for my horse?

What are the rehoming prospects for my horse?

Horses4Homes receives dozens of enquiries everyday from people whose personal circumstances have changed and who can no longer continue to care for their much loved horses.  More often than not they have already tried to rehome their horse only to be confronted with time wasters,  people who are deficient of the knowledge, commitment and financial resource to take on a further horse as well as potentially dishonest and unscrupulous people who may try and sell on their horse.  This experience leaves owners feeling thoroughly disillusioned and anxious about the likelihood of finding a suitable home.  Owners want to know the options available to them and the prospects of their horse finding a suitable, long term, loving home.
Horses4Homes would like to give everyone some pointers.

  • If the horse is in good health, rideable, is reasonable in traffic, can hack out alone and in company even if it is over 20 it has a good prospect of being rehomed through Horses4Homes.  We have rehomed quite a few horses over 20 and 25 who fall into this category.
  • If the horse is rideable or potentially rideable but has tricky behavioural problems but is not classed as overtly dangerous, has good breeding and conformation and is in good health it will have a reasonable prospect of finding a suitably competent person through Horses4Homes.  Experienced people are prepared to put in the time, expense and effort if they believe the horse has the potential.
  • If the horse has good breeding and conformation but has behavioural and health problems which make it questionable whether it could be a ridden horse but veterinary diagnostics have not ruled out the possibility it is likely to take longer to find the suitable home you are looking for.  Enabling interested persons who have applied to liaise with your vet to obtain a clinical history of your horse will improve the chance of a home coming forward.  Homes can be found and the effectiveness of the application system operated by Horses4Homes is invaluable for these types of horses.
  •  If the horse cannot be ridden at all but has an excellent temperament as a companion, can be left alone in a field for short periods and can live out all year round and is in most respects inexpensive to keep it will have a good chance of being rehomed as a companion.
  • If the horse is a thoroughbred type and cannot be ridden, is of good temperament but needs to be brought in during the winter it will have a reasonable prospect of finding a new home and largely depends on the need for a companion at a given time in a given area.  Owners of companion horses need to respond quickly to interested parties as generally those in need of companions need them relatively urgently due to the existing horse being left alone and may be in distress.

If the horse fits in to more than one of these categories don’t lose all hope.  Horses4Homes will make appeals for your horse and even in the most dire of circumstances it is amazing how help can come about from the most genuine of people when you least expect it.
If your personal circumstances which are dictating the rehome of your horse are such that you only have a limited amount of time to rehome your horse then please let the Horses4Homes team know so that every effort can be made on your horse’s behalf.    Horses4Homes encourages people in this situation to advertise their horse in as many different outlets as possible but ensure you ask any interested parties to apply through the horse’s listing on Horses4Homes before inviting anyone to come and see the horse.  This will enable you as the owner to evaluate and compare each potential home against the other and those who choose not to apply are arguably the very people you will not be wanting to rehome your horse to under any circumstances.  If they are honest, committed and potentially suitable not to mention keen about taking on your horse they should have no reason not to apply for it.   If no home comes forward you can at least rest assured that every effort has been made.
The Horses4Homes application process asks applicants in excess of 30 questions relating to their experience, what they wish to do with the horse, details about the horses, if any, they currently own, where they would intend to keep the horse, contingency planning and includes referees for you to contact.  Each successful rehome will be provided with a tailormade rehome or loan agreement and where ownership is transferred we ask the new owner to sign and agree that they will not sell the horse on should their own circumstances change, they will keep in contact with the owner and allow visits and if the horse needs to be rehomed in the future it is done through Horses4Homes to make full use of all the safety mechanisms in place.
Don’t forget, there are also commercial horse retirement livery services available.  Many of these are inspected and approved by the British Horse Society.  For those of you where funds are not so desperate and it is more a matter of finding sufficient time to care for your horse or perhaps you have health problems that prohibit you from caring for your horse but it could happily live out at pasture this may well be an option for you.
If you have any further queries or questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.