Urgent Cases of Horses Needing New Homes

Urgent Cases of Horses Needing New Homes

Horses4Homes receives dozens of calls and emails everyday from people struggling to care for their horses.  On occasion however the calls I receive are more urgent than others.  Only this morning I received a call from a lady with an inoperable brain tumour.  Janet underwent a 17 hour operation last year on her tumour, which had apparently been growing for some 10-12 years according to the leading surgeon dealing with her very rare case. Just this last week Janet had her worse fears confirmed, the tumour has returned and her future looks very bleak indeed.  Janet a lady of only 55 years old with no children and herself a nurse is only too aware of her deteriorating health, she experiences frequent fits due to the tumour pressing against her brain.  Janet, a self confessed animal lover who has managed to rehome all her other animals has remaining a 13 hand Welsh pony called Rupert who urgently needs a new home, she adores this pony.  Janet is sick with worry, not about herself, but about finding her pony a home as soon as possible as the clock is ticking on her own health. The pony is based in the Kingswood area of Bristol and would be suitable as a companion or could be brought back into work. His full listing is here if anyone can help please call the office on 01844 275641 or email rebecca@horses4Homes.net
Over the weekend I received a call from a lovely lady called Cheryl, she has a super horse called Crystal listed with us.  A thoroughbred mare who is her pride and joy.  Crystal is not the usual type of Thoroughbred as she is sensible and safe.  The kind you can not ride for a couple of weeks and then get on and go for a lovely hack, hacks out on busy roads with no problem at all.  Cheryl’s story is equally sad.  She has 3 gorgeous girls but all of them have a severe condition and her middle child is so sick she may not get better at all.  Cheryl is in an out of hospital most weeks with the girls and is beside herself with worry.  Her horse Crystal is the rock in her life that keeps her sane (horses are different to husbands) but as her childrens’ health is becoming more serious she is having to make the responsible decision and part with her horse.  Finding the right home for her horse where she can stay in touch is crucially important to Cheryl so if you can help this lady who is experiencing incredible sadness please do get in touch.
Horses4Homes works tirelessly trying to help horse owners find loving caring homes for their horses and without the support of the public we would not be able to continue our valuable work.  Please spread the word about these cases of urgent need and if you can donate today to enable us to help more people like Janet and Cheryl and their much loved horses Crystal and Rupert.




  1. mary craft

    I have had horses all my life and have just had to have my beloved gentle horse put down who I saved 6years ago from being put down unneccessarily. I would love to give a kind loving home to 2 horses who need care and a quiet rest of their lives in 6 acres of lovely paddocks surrounded by beech woods in buckinghamshire. Please give me a ring on 07766834169 thankyou

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