Shetland Ponies Rehomed Together

Shetland Ponies Rehomed Together

Phillip’s Story –
A year ago my wife who  has terminal cancer found that she also had a shadow on a scan which indicated a return of problems with her heart -she had previously had a heart attack and a stent fitted.  She needed treatment in a specialist hospital in London and we were not able to get that if our home address was where we lived in Wales.  Therefore we decided we would need to sell our home and buy near London.  As this was urgent we also decided to move immediately and to rent while we tried to find a new home.  From the time of receiving the scan result to moving into rental accommodation it was just 2 weeks.  We did not have time to organize much back in Wales other than to make sure our farrier would continue to visit via some kind friends.  We had to concentrate on Julia’s health and medical care.

We are renting a house in Sussex but it is over 200 miles from Carmarthen so we could not get back there too often and relied on kind neighbours to look after our 2 Shetland ponies.  We visited as often as we could but knew we would have to re-home them as we had to sell our house there.
We tried through friends, family and neighbours to find a home without success for over a year.  Everybody told us the same story – there are too many horses needing homes and as these were essentially “pets” and not horses for riding it made it even more difficult.
We became quite desperate as you can only rely on the kindness of neighbours for so long and we knew that if our house does sell we could not move the ponies.  The alternative was ot have them destroyed which would have been so upsetting as the little lads are only 2 or 3 years old and very sweet.  Even the RSPCA said that putting them down might be the kindest thing rather than let them go to someone who would not care for them.  They could not help but through them we were given other organisations which eventually led us to yourselves.
We explained our situation and as you know the rest of the story is just marvellous.  Within about 24 hours two people expressed an interest and we went with one of them and only a couple of weeks later they were on their way to a lovely new home in Herne Bay Kent.  I have had a lot of contact with a very nice lady who is knowledgeable about horses and has two young children and is delighted.  She has posted pictures and videos on her Facebook page which we have been able to view and the boys are having fun again and getting the attention they have missed so much in the last year.
My wife is so relieved to have the responsibility lifted and to know we have been able to “do right” for them.   
All thanks to Horses4Homes – all of your people have been superb.

I would like to say thank you for all the help and support from Horses 4 Homes, it made the move much easier for Phillip, and it was all very fast and efficient. Would definitely recommend to other friends and will keep you updated on their progress.” Vicky Rawbone