• Hanoverian
  • rehome
  • Hertfordshire
  • Registered : yes
  • Age : 18
  • Height : 16.2hh
  • Colour : chestnut
  • Owned For (Years): 11 years
  • Eligible For Vetting : yes
  • Requires Stabling : yes
  • Requires Resticted Grazing : no
  • Passport : To be provided to individuals.
  • The successful applicant will need to pay a donation of £200 plus an £50 standard fee to Horses 4 Homes upon completion.
  • Applicants must live within 150 miles miles of the sellers town of residence to apply.



Dooly is a 16.2hh, chestnut warmblood Hanoverian, 18 years old.  He is a delightful character to handle, very sensitive and very well liked on the yard.  Easy to catch, shoe, vet etc.  He was bought as a dressage horse as a 6-year-old and did very well for a couple of years with a young amateur rider.  He has been a happy hacker since coming to me and is ridden in the woods, over open fields, and on the road.  A lovely ride but really does prefer to go second. He will also follow a walker or a bicycle.   He is easy to ride, has a canter to die for and doesn’t hot up when it comes to the canter stretches.  In general, he is not a naturally forward going horse and has never shown any inclination to run or rear. We have popped small jumps, again starting off following another horse and he enjoys pole work. Trained in Natural Horsemanship. He’s been in the family for about eleven years.




He can be a little spooky on his own but can be encouraged to get used to the object in question with time and patience.  Sometimes he can be nappy leaving the yard on his own and is subsequently quite anxious, the opposite is true when following another horse. When he naps he has never run, he just plants his feet. In the menage he takes a good fifteen minutes to warm up in walk. Generally, he does not like menage work and will not work for me without major encouragement from a trainer (tried many different trainers with different approaches).  We try and follow another horse for 10-15 minutes to get him started.  Once going however works very well.

Health Issues

Rear suspensory problems at age 8. Was operated on and there have been no obvious subsequent lameness problems but we chose not to continue his dressage career at this point.   Two years ago he was diagnosed with arthritis in his hocks and the vet recommended annual injections plus daily bute to allay any discomfort. This resulted (in my opinion) in stomach ulcers which were successfully treated.

Ideal Home

In view of my advancing years (77) I have decided it is time to find him a new permanent home where he can be a happy hacker for a few more years.  Ideally, he would suit a couple who are looking for a really nice quality second horse to hack out together. Used to living in herd of geldings, and does need stabling in winter but likes lots of turn out.

Vet Details

I can provide the full vetinary history and name of vet/s following a response from anyone interested.


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